Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
* vineyard Red Spider Tetranychus urticae Larva, nymph and adult in 75 ml / 100 lt water 14 day
Apple European Red Spider Panonychus ulmi Larva, nymph and adult in 50 ml / 100 lt water 14 day

Red Spider

Tetranychus urticae Larva, nymph and adult in 75 ml / 100 lt water 14 day

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.

PREPARATION OF THE MEDICINE FOR APPLICATION: The required amount of drug is mixed with a small amount of water in a suitable container. Two thirds are added into the spraying tank filled with water and mixed. The tank is then completed with water. Calibration is done first to calculate the amount of water to be used per decare. For this, a certain amount of water is put into the tank of the tool and it is calculated by running at a constant speed in the field conditions, how much area can be wetted with the existing water. From here, how much water will be spent per decare is calculated with the calibrated tool.

HOW TO USE: BARRAGE must be done in such a way that a good coating is provided in all cultivated plants since contact is effective, BARRAGE is effective on the active periods of red spiders.

Apple: It is applied when panicchus ulmi against the leaves after the winter eggs are opened. If apple re-contamination occurs approximately four weeks after the first application, second application is done.

Vineyard: When the red spider reaches the economic loss threshold, the first spraying is done. If re-contamination occurs after the first application, the second application is done.

Vegetables: When 3-5 active periods are seen per leaf, the first spraying is done. After the first application, it is necessary to apply the application approximately every two weeks.

MIXABLE CONDITION: BARRAGE can be mixed with many fungicides and insecticides. However, it is recommended to determine the suitability of the mixture by making a small amount of premix before making a large amount of mixture.