Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose period Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting

Eggplant (Outdoor)

White fly Bemisia tabaci 250 ml/da 10 day 3 day


Red Spider Tetranychus cinnabarinus, Tetranychus urticae 500 ml/da 7 day 14 day

PREPARATION OF THE PICTURE FOR APPLICATION: The spraying device tank is half filled with water. The recommended amount of the drug is first slurried in a container with a small amount of water. The prepared mixture is poured into the sprayer tank. The mixing apparatus of the sprayer is operated and the required amount of water remaining is added.

Shake well before use.

Calibration: For this, a certain amount of water is put into the tank of the tool and it is calculated how much area can be wetted with the existing water by operating at a constant speed under field conditions. From here, how much water will be spent per decare is calculated with the calibrated tool.


It is not recommended to be mixed with other drugs.