Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Apple European Red Spider Panonychus ulmi 50 g. / 100 L. water(Larva,Nimf,Adult) 21 day
Two Points Red Spider Tetranychus urticae 75 g. / 100 L. water(Larva,Nimf,Adult) 21 day
Tomato (Greenhouse) White fly Bemisia tabaci 100 g. / 100 L. water(Larva, Adult) 3 day
Rust Mite Aculops lycopersici 75 g. / 100 L. water(Larva, Adult) 3 day
Pepper (greenhouse) Two-dot red spider Tetranychus urticae 75 g/ 100 L water(Larva,Adult) 3 day


White fly in tomato: It is entered in the field in terms of diagonals, which is detected to be contaminated with white fly. In every 5 steps, 50 leaves are collected from the lower, middle and upper leaves. Chemical combat is applied when there are 5 larvae-pupae per leaf.

Rust mite in tomatoes: Leaf samples are taken from plants that take the color of rust, especially by examining the parts of the plants close to the soil. The leaves are examined under a stereo binocular microscope and pests are sought. Local application is done in plants around the pest. The plants are inspected at intervals of 2-3 days and the whole field is sprayed in case of spread.

Two-point red spider in pepper: an average of 3 live red spiders per leaf is decided to fight.


It can be mixed with other insecticides and fungicides, except burgundy slurry.