Disease Harmful Weed

Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Fruits European Red Spider Panonychus spp. 30 ml/100 lt. water 10 day
Two-Point Red Spider Tetranychus urticae 30 ml/100 lt. water
Akdiken Mite Tetranychus viennensis 30 ml/100 lt. water
Brown Spider Bryobia rubrioculus 30 ml/100 lt. water
Flat Flow Chenopalpus pulcher 30 ml/100 lt. water
Cotton Red Spider Tetranychus spp. 135 ml/da 10 day
Peanut Red Spider Tetranychus spp. 135 ml/da 10 day
Soy Red Spider Tetranychus cinnabarinus 135 ml/da 10 day

HOW TO USE: The required amount of medicine is mixed with a little water. The spraying device is filled with water until half and the mixture is poured into it and water is added to the remaining part. It is thrown with all kinds of spraying tools. Under-field nozzles are recommended for field spraying. Coating spraying should be done in a way that every part of the plant gets wet.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be used by mixing with common acaricides, fungicides and leaf fertilizers except strong alkali drugs.