Mixture of Zinc (Zn-Sulphate) and Boron (B) Micro Plant Nutrients

Guaranteed Content (W / W)
Water Soluble Boron (B) 10%
Water Soluble Zinc (Zn) 11%
Physical Information
pH 2-4
EC (1g / L)

Borinc Fast, with its high density and high purity character, is a product formulated as a result of a special production method that makes it possible to improve the biochemical functions of Boron and Zinc.

For protein and sugar metabolism, Borinc Fast quickly supplies the plant with two important microelements that are valuable for the development of flowers and fruits as well as for the strengthening of plant tissues.

It prevents and helps to eliminate many physiopathologies caused by zinc and boron deficiency.

We recommend Borinc Fast applications before flowering and before ripening, and when applied immediately after harvest, resistance to low temperatures in winter increases and a good vegetative recovery is provided for the next season.

Leaf applications should be done at the coolest hours of the day.

BORINC FAST can be mixed with all CIFO products in normal dosages. We always recommend pre-miscibility tests.