COPPER FAST is a copper chelated with EDTAbased liquid fertiliser. It is the result of the very latest technology that makes it possible to formulate high-¬ concentration products of extreme chemical purity able to enhance copper's biochemical functions. COPPER FAST is specifically indicated not only for the treatment of copper deficiencies, but also for the promotion of the production of co-¬enzymes which improves cells reproduction stage and the consequent formation of fruits and caryopsis in cereals.
Thanks to the chelated copper and to the presence of humectant and adhesive substances, the product is characterised by an high absorption capacity at leaves and stoma level favouring a rapid translocation of the elements into the tissues where they have to be employed. COPPER FAST showed very effective in the treatments of the disorders due to copper deficiency, in favouring the formation and the ripening of the ears of cereals.
COPPER FAST is particularly indicated for the treatment of following disorders:
– Yellowing of the edges of young leaves in fruit crops
– Bleaching and deformation of citrus fruit.
– Overall yellowing of cereals and reduced yield
– Dwarfism of lucerne.
– Blue-¬green colouring of young leaves in vegetables.
The formulation encourages the leaf falling in autumn in nursery grown crops.


1 L


EDTA chelated Copper (Cu) 7.5%