The ZINC FAST formulation, thanks, to its exclusive production methodology, makes it possibie to obtain a high concentration product of extreme chemical purity, capable of enhancing the zinc's biochemical functions, in particular that of photosynthesis.
The presence of special humectant and adhesive substances guarantees an optimum covering of the leaf apparatus, stimulating cuticular and stomatic absorption, and aiding a rapid dispersal of the elements in the tissues.
As well as being a cure for zinc deficiency, ZINC FAST is capable of stimulating the production of auxins thus favouring cellular growth and maturation of the seeds.
Due to lts special characteristics, ZINC FAST allows the prevention and cure of disorders due to manganese deficiency and in particular: poor yield and fruit colouration, premature fruit fall, poor rooting, whitening of the buds in maize, interib whitening in the citrus.


1 l


Zinc (Zn) 10%