Molybdenum Fast is the result of the very latest technology that allows to obtain high–quality and effective formulations. The special molecular structure protects molybdenum in a neutral molecule similar to the chelates and allows the crossing of the barriers created by the waxes of the Ieaf cuticle. The effect is enhanced by the presence of humectant and adhesive substances that guarantee an optimum covering of the Ieaf apparatus and thus stimulate cuticular absorption and the transport of molybdenum where needed.
Molybdenum is a fundamental constituent of the enzymes operating in the nitrogen cycle of the plants. Deficiency symptoms are highlighted by nitrogenassimilation irregularities and in the case of leguminous plants by the poor production of radical nodules.
MOLYBDENUM FAST allows the prevention and cure of disorders due to molybdenum deficiency and in particular:
– poor production of the radical nodules in leguminous plants
– nitrogen assimilation disorders in various flowering and vegetable crops, particularly melon, potato, poinsettia and leaf vegetables.


1 l


Molybdenum (Mo) 5,4%