The MANGANESE FAST formulation is the result of the very latest technology and makes it possible to obtain a high-concentration product of extreme chemical purity, capable of enhancing the manganese's biochemical functions, in treated crops, in particular that of photosynthesis.
The presence of specific humectant and adhesive substances guarantee the complete covering of the leaf's surface apparatus, stimulating the cuticular and stomatic absorption. The neutral molecular form of the formulation is able to enter the barriers made of cuticle waxes, which reduce the penetration also in the traditional chelates. All this favours a quick absorption and transfer in the tissues.
Thanks to these characteristics, MANGANESE FAST allows the prevention and cure of disorders due to manganese deficiency, such as yellow motling of the interribs in fruit and herbaceous cultivations, particularly sugar beet.
The application of MANGANESE FAST increases the crops' photosynthetic activity thus assisting yield increase.


1 L; 5 L


Manganese (Mn) 13.3%