CIFAMIN BK is a specialty, very rich in organic compounds with a biostimulant action on vegetal physiology, particularly indicated for improving fruit and vegetable size.

The product contains amino acids of vegetal origin derived from enzymatic hydrolisis, such as, tryptophan and arginine.

These are precursors of auxins and polyamines which favour cell division and extension ensuring high number of cells in young fruits.

CIFAMIN BK also improves plant metabolism, supplying macronutrients and vegetal amino acids.

Seaweed Macrocystis extracts supply polysaccharides, enzymes and betains, thus sustaining and complementing the action of amino acids.

CIFAMIN BK efficacy is improved by the Uptake Bioenhancers that combine the tensioactive properties of chemical wetting agents with the carrier action.

  • Increases and uniforms fruit size
  • Keeps fruit and firmness unaltered
  • Ensures optimal shelf-life


1 L; 5 L