MACYS BC 28 is a nutritional specialty based on 100% Macrocystis Integrifolia, a typical seaweed of the cold and uncontaminated Canadian seawaters.

Thanks to a specific industrial process, only mechanical with cold temperatures, we obtain a “juice concentrate” very rich in natural organic substances, such as growth regulators, polysaccharides (fucoidan, laminarin), alginates, vitamins and antioxidants, with a positive action on the vegetal physiology.

In first phases of crop cycle, MACYS BC 28 stimulates roots and sprouts development; during the flowering phase it favours the fruit setting, in final phases improves fruit size and qualitative features.

  • Activates plant primary and secondary metabolism
  • Increases plant resistance to environmental stress (sudden termic changes, drought, etc)
  • Promotes the balanced between vegetative growth and production
  • Improves fruit size


3 L; 6 L