SUPERNAT 93 is an activator of soil fertility-nutrients uptake, very effective also in “untextured” soils. The formulation contains polysaccharides, enzymes and aminoacids with a positive action both on roots and on biological soil characteristics.

SUPERNAT 93 favours nutrients uptake by roots (macro and micronutrients), improving fertilizers efficiency distributed in combination with it.

The product stimulates enzymatic processes and the multiplication of soil microorganisms, enhancing soil's biological activity and the root system health.

The regular use of SUPERNAT 93, alone or in combination with NPK fertilizers, revitalizes impoverished and “untextured” soils, and enhances the vegetative-productive growth, determining higher yields.

  • Improves the nutrients uptake in “untextured” soils
  • Revitalizes impoverished soils, improving fertility characteristics


20 L; 200 L; 1000 L