Total Organic Matter 24%
Total Alginic Acid 0,01%
pH 5.5 - 7.5
EC 6.2 ds / m (in 10% Solution)
Raw material used in production: Macrocystis Integrifolia seaweed.

RADICIFO L 24 is a new generation product specially produced by the Cifo research department to promote the rooting process and support the early stages of the product cycle.

RADICIFO L 24 Effects:

To promote root and development.

Helping the growth of trunk and buds, flowering and fruit set to provide.

Promoting photosynthesis, enhancing the green color of leaves and delaying wear.

To increase the availability of nutrients, especially phosphate and micro elements to support the initial growth stage.

Reduce post-harvest defects, make young plants more resistant to bad weather.

Increasing the quality and quantity in the final yield.

The formulation has a positive effect on the aerial organs of the leaves in the development of the chrolophil content in the leaves, the emergence of new buds and the determination of fruit development.

APPLICATIONS Foliar application

Plant Type

Application Process

Dose (I / ha)

Fruit Trees (Soft and Hard Seed Products, Citrus Fruits, Vine, Olive, Kiwi etc.)

After planting / with vegetative start, 2 applications at 7 - 12 days apart

10 to 15 l / ha

Strawberries and Small Fruits

After planting, 7 - 12 days apart application

1 - 1.5 I / 1000 m2

Greenhouse vegetables

After planting, 7 - 12 days apart application

1 - 1.5 I / 1000 m2

Open Field Vegetables

After sowing / planting, 2 applications with 7/12 day intervals

10 to 15 l / ha

Industrial Products & Cereals

After formation with FOXTER

51 / ha

Nursery Plants, Flowering Plants and Ornamental Plants

After planting / planting or with vegetative start, 2 applications at 7 - 12 days apart

1 - 1.5 I / 1000 m2

Reconstitute the product 0.5 - 0.8% and soak the roots in solution for a few minutes.


The seeds are completely soaked using a 1.5% solution.

Doses and application numbers are purely indicative and should be adjusted to the needs of the product, phenological stage and weather conditions.

Keep away from face and eye area. The product is stable under normal temperature and pressure conditions. It should be stored between 4 - 40 oc. The product is not flammable. Protect from hazardous storage and store carefully.

Contains: dipropylenglicole o1,2 - benzisothiazolin - 3-one (0.20%) water solution May cause an allergic reaction.

RADICIFO L 24 can be mixed with all cifo products at dosages determined by many formulations except mineral oil-based pesticides. However, it is recommended that preliminary compatibility tests be performed.