Plant Name

Purpose of usage

Dosage and Period of Use

Harvest Range


Accelerating the cocoon opening, providing early and one-time harvest, facilitating the harvest with leaf fall and preparing cotton for machine harvest

200 ml / daTechnically close to the top and harvestable cocoons when it matures (too hard to cut easily with a knife and the seed circumference in the section is light brown), practically opening the cocoons 25-30%

7 day

Corn, cereals within 30 days of EXTRALİN application; Vegetables that eat leaves within 60 days; Do not plant vegetables such as carrots and radishes in 120 days.


Put the required amount of medicine for the area to be sprayed with half a water, then a tank with the sprayer. Fill the tank with water and start the tool mixer. Prepare enough mixes to consume the same day.

If undiluted medication is spilled on the equipment, it may leave permanent stains; In this case, wash the contaminated parts with plenty of water within 1 hour.

15-20 l / da water should be used with ground tools for a good wetting. If rain is expected within 6-8 hours, application should not be done.


For an efficient harvest, the opening of the cocoons should be closely monitored. Harvest should not be done before 7 days after the application, and the harvest should not be delayed so as not to cause a loss.

It is suitable for harvesting 14-21 days after application in normal conditions.


Since EXTRALIN is used before harvesting as a cocoon opener and a leaf shed in cotton, it does not need to be mixed with other pesticides at the time of application.