Plant dose period


(Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber, Melon, Eggplant, Watermelon, Potato, Seedlings)

50 ml/100 L water Seeds are kept in Safa Tonic water for 8 hours and potato tubers for 12 hours without cutting.
25 ml/100 L water Seedlings are sprayed every 5 days.
50 ml/100 L water It is applied once a week before and after flowering.


50 ml/100 L water 1. During the green bud period 2. During the pink bud period 3. When the fruits take the size of chickpeas
vineyard* 50 ml/100 L water 1. and 2. Application: New shoots 3. Application: At the beginning of flowering 4. Application: In the period of Koruk

LEGUMES (Beans Peas, Chickpeas, Soybean, Lentils, Peanuts)

60 ml/da Before and at the beginning of flowering (For fruit set)


200 ml/100 L Paddy seeds are kept in Safa Tonic water for 12 hours.
60 ml/da Sapa in the period of getting up and spikes appear.
STRAWBERRY 75 ml/100 L water When strawberries appear 15 days apart
COTTON 50 ml/da 1. Application: In the first comb 2. Application: In the first flower 3. Application: When 90% of the cocoons are formed
SUGAR BEET 25 ml/da 1. Application: 2-3 leaves circuit
SUGAR BEET 60 ml/da 2. Application: After Misfire 3. Application: When root thickening starts
ORNAMENTAL PLANTS 25 ml/100 L water Steels are dipped for 5-10 minutes.
16 ml/100 L water It is applied in seedlings at 10 days intervals.
50 ml/100 L water In the development period.

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.

FEATURES: It is a developer that can be used throughout the life of the plant from seed to harvest to provide fast and even germination, rapid rooting, strong and rapid development, better and quality product in all plants. It is a stimulant that protects plants against various negative growth conditions and activates biochemical and physiological resources of plants.

FORM OF EFFECT: It is absorbed easily and passes into the plant and accelerates cell sap movements. Thus, by giving vital power to all the cells of the plant, it positively affects the acceleration of germination, rooting, development and maturation. It has an important effect especially on fertilization.

METHOD OF USE: First, the recommended dosage of the drug is mixed thoroughly with a little water in a separate container, then it is mixed by adding it to the tank of the partially filled water and the tank is completed with water.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be mixed with other pesticides and foliar fertilizers, except those with very strong acid character.