Plant dose Application

Seedless and Drying Seedless Grapes

5 g/100 l water

1.Application: When the flowers bloom 60-80%

5 g/100 l water

2. Application: When the grains are in the absurd size (3-4 mm)

GOLD GIBB 40% WSG is a water-soluble granular Plant Growth Regulator used to give seedless grape varieties a table (fresh consumption).

Time Between Last Spraying and Harvest is “0” Days.


Before spraying, the nozzles of the instrument should be checked and cleaned and all of them should be working properly. First, fill the tank of the tool halfway with water and start the mixer. Then mix the amount of medicine calculated over the recommended dose with water as a premix in a separate container. Pour this premix into the tank while the mixer is working. Then fill the tank with water up to the level. Wash the spraying tool thoroughly after spraying.

Spraying Tool Calibration: Make sure that the tool is properly calibrated before spraying. For this, the bunches in a certain area are properly wetted only with water. The amount of water to be used is calculated by determining the spent water.


GOLD GIBB 40% WSG can be used with many pesticides, except for compounds containing free chlorine. However, it is still recommended to experiment with a small amount of premix before application. If used with other drugs, GOLD GIBB 40% WSG solution should be prepared separately in other drugs.