GOLD in ArtichokeBB TB


Culture Plant

Usage and Period


Seedless Grapes on Table

1. application: while the inflorescences are 4-8 cm tall before flowering. In order to lengthen the bunches

2 tablet

2. uygulama: Tam çiçeklenme döneminde yani çiçek taç yapraklarının % 70-80'inin döküldüğü devrede

2 tablet

3. Application: Grains after flowering 3 mm

when it reaches the absurd size,

2 tablet

Dried Seedless Grapes

To increase yield 4-5 days after the pouring of flower capsules

1 tablet

tangerines in

In the circuit opened by 70-80% with the aim of reducing flower shedding, increasing fruit set and increasing yield in Satsuma and Clemantin varieties.

1,5 tablet

in orange

4-5 weeks after the completion of blooming to prevent June breakdown in Jaffa oranges

2 tablet

In the period where the color change of the fruits started in order to prolong the staying time of the fruit and regulate the harvest in Washington Navel variety.

1 - 2 tablet

in Limon

When the first color change is seen in fruits. in order to keep the fruits on the tree for 2-3 months

1 tablet

Fruits in

In the circuit where the color change is observed in the fruit in order to delay the harvest without rotting, spoiling and softening in the fruit peel.

1 tablet

of Pear

In order to increase the yield when 30% of flowers open in pear varieties with low fruit set

1,5 - 2 tablet

In addition, to ensure the formation of parthenocarp fruit after frost events that may occur in the flowering phase, at the latest 2 days after frosts

0,5 - 2 tablet

Cherry and Cherry

In the period when the color change started in order to delay the harvest and obtain a large and bright colored grain.

1 - 2 tablet

in peach

The application in the first week of August delays the blooming of the next year by 3-7 days and prevents peaches from being damaged by late spring frosts.

1,5 tablet

in strawberries

While the rootstock has 1-6 leaves, it is used for the reproduction of young shoots given by seedlings in seedlings. 3-4 weeks before flowering to ensure crop in flowers, increase yield and grow fruits

5 tablet

in Artichoke

Before the seed potatoes are planted, they are immersed in the solution prepared with GOLD GIBB TB and planted, thus ensuring a fast and regular output.

2.5 - 5 tablet


Before the seed potatoes are planted, they are immersed in the solution prepared with GOLD GIBB TB and planted, thus ensuring a fast and regular output.

2 tablet


7-15 days before harvest to encourage belly binding

1 - 2 tablet


To increase yield, when half of the flowers hold fruit and 2-3 weeks from now

3 tablet

Ornamental plants

In cut floristry, chrysanthemum, rose, cyclamen and carnation to obtain long stem and big flower

4 – 15 tablet


GOLD GIBB TB can be used in many other culture plants such as banana, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, pea, bean, soybean, eggplant, parsley, asparagus, carrot, tea, wheat and clover.

METHOD OF PREPARATION FOR THE APPLICATION: The recommended amount of GOLD GIBB TB is 100 ml first. Not less than a little is dissolved in water and this solution is added to the required amount of water and mixed. It is recommended to be used with non-ionic spreading adhesive in cultivated plants other than grapefruit. Since it is easily hydrolyzed in water, the prepared solution should be used without waiting.

MIXABLE CONDITION: GOLD GIBB TB can be used with many pesticides other than free chlorine containing compounds. However, it is still recommended to experiment with a small amount of premix before application. If used with other drugs, GOLD GIBB TB solution should be prepared separately from other drugs.