Plant dose Application
VEGETABLES AND ORNAMENTAL PLANTS 100 L water25 ml Steel and seedlings are immersed in the prepared solution, left for 60 minutes and planted.
VEGETABLES AND ORNAMENTAL PLANTS 100 L water25 ml 150 ml solution to each steel or seedling after planting
FRUIT, * BIND CITRUS FOREST TREES 50 ml/ 100 L water Saplings and cuttings are kept in this solution for 1-2 hours before planting.
Fidan başına 5-10 ml After planting, seedlings are given to the roots with sufficient water and repeated 3 times a year.
ALL PLANTS 150-200 ml/da It is given at least 3 times with 7-10 days intervals with drip irrigation.
ALL PLANTS 250-300 ml/da At least 3 applications are made with irrigation water with 7-10 days intervals.
TOMATOES, PEPPER CROWN, EGGPLANT ZUMBLE etc. 50 ml/da Before the flowers bloom, they are sprayed on the buds with 40-50 L of water per decare.
MELON WATERMELON 15 Dekarml When the fruits reach the size of the eggs, they are sprayed with 40-50 L water per decare.
STRAWBERRY 30 ml/100 L water Seedlings are kept in this solution for 2-3 hours before planting.
STRAWBERRY 150-200 ml/da It is given from the root 3 times with an interval of 10 days after planting.
FRUIT, BIND CITRUS, OLIVE ANTEP NUT 100 L water 50-100 ml It is applied 3-4 weeks before flowering and the fruits are repeated when they take the nut size.
SUGAR BEET 20 ml/da The first application is made 7 days after the misfire. It is applied with 40-50 L water 3-4 times with two weeks intervals.

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.

When applied to plants, cell growth and differentiation is stimulated, root formation and development is accelerated.
Due to the positive effect on the development of the roots, the plant grows healthier and quicker. flower set and fruit binding becomes earlier and more regular. As a result, both the yield increases and a more uniform and quality product is obtained.
In addition to increasing fruit attitude, yield and quality in plants, another effect is to prevent fruit pouring.
MIXTURE CONDITION: It can be used by mixing with other pesticides and foliar fertilizers except those with very strong acid character.