Liquid Humus


22% Organic Acid
4% Potassium

Liquid Humus;

Liquid Humus is designed to increase cation exchange capacity, water retention capacity, nutrient availability, and all of these to improve plant health, yield and profitability by positively affecting soil biological activity and soil chemistry. Liquid Humus Organic Acid technology, unlike the standard Humic Fulvic Acid containing products; is the only product that makes humic useful and combines with carbohydrates. It is a patented product that can be applied from soil and leaves to increase plant yield and soil quality.

Why Liquid Humus?

It is a patented organic soil conditioner containing 22% pure organic acid.
Humic, fulvic, humin and carbon content is a unique product containing 4 effective substances.
It is the last modified form of humic and fulvic acids.
Due to its high cation exchange capacity, nitrogen and potassium intake is 25%; increases phosphorus up to 4 times.
The carbon energy in 20 liters of Liquid Humus is equivalent to that of 4 tons of manure.
Like animal manure and other organic fertilizers, it does not disappear from the soil immediately.
It prevents damage of sensitive capillary roots by buffering salt and heavy metals in the soil.
Increases microbial activity in soil with high carbon content.

It acts on soil and plant in 4 directions:

1. Physical

Liquid Humus positively affects soil annealing by creating gaps in soil colloids. Air, water and roots move more easily.


Thanks to its high carbon content, it increases microbial activity in your soil.

3. Stimulant

It promotes the root development of the plant and provides better development of vegetative and generative parts of the plant.

4. Chemical

Thanks to its long carbon chains and high cation exchange capacity, it makes the nutrients connected in the soil useful.