3% Organic Acid
7% Nitrogen
7% Phosphorus
7% Potassium

It is a 100% water soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and organic acid product.
Seven of which contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potash complexed with 3% organic acid, Seven is more mobile than the other balanced fertilizers.
Since most of the balanced fertilizers have a potassium source of potassium chloride (KCl), the salt index is high and such fertilizers damage the capillary roots of plants. Seven's potassium source is quite safe.
It is so effective that it can be used at much lower doses than conventional products due to its 3% organic acid and is more effective than them.
When 2 to 4 liters per 1 decare is used in undergrowth and open field vegetable production, it forms branching.
When used regularly, it provides homogenous growth in vegetable and fruit trees.
* Application doses may vary according to soil and leaf analysis.