3% Organic Acid
2% Nitrogen
20% Phosphorus
15% Potassium


It is a 100% water soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and organic acid product.
Monarch, which contains potash with 3% organic acid and complex phosphorus, has higher mobility to the root area of ​​the plant than other fertilizers like MKP (mobile).
Since it contains phosphorus and crucible as a single molecule, Monarch ensures that these two molecules are taken up by the plant at the same time; thus, it increases the quality of fruits by adding energy to the plant.
It is so effective that it can be used at much lower doses than conventional products due to its 3% organic acid and is more effective than them.
In case of over-sizing of vegetables, it is applied at higher doses than dripping (4-5 l / da), shortening the nodes and increasing the yield.
Especially when applied with foliar fungicides, it creates a synergistic effect and increases the effect of fungicides visibly.
When used regularly in the orchards with periodicity (year of year / year of absence) problem, the fruit after a season can be significantly reduced by creating periodic eyes.
* Application doses may vary according to soil and leaf analysis.