7% Organic Acid
7% Nitrogen
21% Phosphorus
0.2% Zinc
Actagro Structure in short:

Structure It is a special liquid fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc complexed with patented Actagro Organic Acid technology which prevents phosphorus binding in soil and reduces nitrogen loss. It is a product that you can use safely in open fields and other production areas to eliminate these deficiencies.

Why Structure?

It is a 100% water soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc and organic acid product.
Provides healthy and high quality development of roots and flowers in plants; carries energy to the plant.
Structure with 7% organic acid and complex phosphorus, the plant's ability to move to the root zone of the plant is higher than other phosphorus fertilizers (mobile).
It is the only zinc phosphorus fertilizer that does not bind in the soil.
It ensures that necessary phosphorus is transported to the plant at the desired time.
It is less used and more effective than conventional products due to its 7% organic acid content.
Conventional products contain a high proportion of salt as well as heavy metal contents due to their methods of manufacture. Structure, which is a very safe product for plants, does not contain salt and heavy metals due to the technology used in its production.
Thanks to its unique technology, in open field crops (corn, cotton, peanut, wheat, soybean, etc.), it is injected into the soil in a manner that is below the seeds during planting and does not cause any phytotoxicity problem. Roots directly in contact with phosphorus at the time of germination is rapidly spreading and thus accelerates plant growth.
In 2007, he received his Ph.D. In a study conducted by Adjwa, a product containing Structure, Map and the movement of phosphoric acid down and sideways from the drip line in the soil was investigated. The products were observed for 42 days after leaving the drip irrigation line and their movements were determined. The results of the study are as follows.

Phosphoric acid

The soil was able to advance only 7.5 cm and was bound to 100%.
Map derivatives (app etc.)
The product containing map was able to advance up to 12.5-15.0 cm and was bound 60-70%.
Actagro Structure

In the research, the Actagro Structure has progressed to 22.5 cm, which is the deepest distance measured, and has remained fully available even at this depth.