Zn - S


5% Organic Acid
4% Nitrogen
6.5% Zinc
3% Sulfur


It is a 100% water soluble nitrogen, sulfur, zinc and organic acid product.
1 liter of Actagro Zn-S contains 92 grams of high quality zinc (Zn).
Actagro Zn-S, which is zinc complexed with 5% organic acid, has a much higher mobility than other zinc fertilizers.
It is so effective that it can be used at much lower doses than conventional products because of its 5% organic acid and it is more effective than them.
With its functional effect on cell development, it provides the development of newly formed leaf and flower eyes, the transformation of fertilized flowers into fruit, and the growth and development of roots.
Actagro Zn-S can be mixed with Structure in drip-free applications.
It is easily absorbed by the plant without binding in high ph and calcareous soils.
When used in regular periods, it prevents badging and whipping of fruit trees; Provides side and hill shoot formation in vegetables.
Naturally stimulates growth regulating hormones in plant physiology.
* Application doses may vary according to soil and leaf analysis.