5% Organic Acid
4% Nitrogen
4% Manganese
2.5% Sulfur

It is a 100% water soluble nitrogen, sulfur, manganese and organic acid product.
1 liter of Manganese contains 56 grams of high quality manganese (Mn).
Manganese, which is a complex manganese complex with 5% organic acid, has a much higher mobility than other manganese fertilizers.
It is so effective that it can be used at much lower doses than conventional products because of its 5% organic acid and it is more effective than them.
It activates many vital enzymes in plants. The most important of these is to increase the speed of photosynthesis and thus the yield and quality.
In high pH and calcareous soils, it is easily absorbed by the plant without being bound and oxidized.
* Application doses may vary according to soil and leaf analysis.