Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose period
Grain (Wheat, Barley) Yellow Weed (Boreova orientalis) 150 ml/decares It can be used from the 2-leaf period of the crop to the turn off period.
Charlock (Sinapis arvensis)
Sky head (Centaurea cyanus)
Cornflower (C. Depressa)
burdock ( Turgenia latifolia)
Gönül Hardalı (Myagrum perfoliatum)
Dead nettle (Lamium spp)
Glass Flower (Geranium tuberosum)
Yoghurt Grass ( Galium tricornotum)
Maple flower (Thilapsi arvense)
Blood drop (Adonis flamea)
Egypt Goose Foot (Chenopodium album) 150 ml/decares In the period when the corn has 2 - 4 leaves
Rooster Needle (Amaranthus retroflexus)
Charlock (Sinapis arvensis)
Village immigrant (Cirsium arvense )
Donkey Lettuce (Soncus arvense)
B. Pig Velcro (Xantium stromonium)

HARVEST RANGE: It breaks down in 10 days in the bronzer soil, leaves no residue. It does not harm the plantings made later.

METHOD OF USE: The earlier the weed competition is broken in the weed control, the more efficiency is obtained. In addition, the control of the grass in the seedling period is more successful. Therefore, it provides maximum benefit by using BRONER's crop in 3-5 leaves period and maize in 2 - 4 leaves period.

METHOD OF PREPARING THE APPLICATION FOR APPLICATION: Firstly, the recommended dose of the drug is mixed with a little water in a separate container, then it is mixed by adding it to the tank of the sprayer filled with water and completed by adding the required amount of water remaining to the tank. During filling and spraying, the mixing apparatus of the spraying tool should be operated.

BRONER is a contact-effective herbicide. Therefore, it is 20 l / da for ground spraying so that weeds can get wet well during spraying. At least 5 lt / da., water should be used for spraying with airplanes. A good coating should be provided by low flying in air spraying.

During spraying, the wind speed should be below 15 km / h and the temperature above 5 ° C. If the dew has fallen, the excess wetness of the grass should be expected to go away.

MIXABLE STATUS: BRONER does not mix with substances such as oil, spreader-adhesive. It can be used by mixing with existing oat herbicides. When used with 2,4-D or 1/3 of the recommended doses of herbicides with MCPA active substance mixed with the recommended dose of BRONER, the area of ​​effect is extended. Then, the other drug should be mixed with water in the tank, then BRONER should be added. In case of mixing, the recommended periods for other drugs should be taken as the time of application.