Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose period
Paddy (Application to dry and cut water) Girl's grass (Buckthorn) (Cyperus difformis)(C.fuscus) (C.rotundus)(C.glomerata) 5 g./da Paddy: From the beginning until the period when he was in brotherhood
Chair bench (Scirpus mucronatus) (S. maritimus)
Trefoil (Potamogeton pectinatus)
bulrush (Butomus umbellatus)
Paddy (Application to water in places where water is kept constantly) Girl's grass (Buckthorn) (Cyperus difformis) (C. rotundus) 3 g./da Weeds: From the beginning until the period when it was in brotherhood
Chair bench (Scirpus mucronatus)
Spoon grass (Alisma plantago)


. First dissolve the medicine in a small container by mixing it in water. Fill the tank of your tool with water up to half, put the prepared medicated water into the tank of the tool by running its mixer and top it up with water. When used in a mixture with other drugs, first dissolve RICESHOT and put it in the spraying tool, then add the other drug. Use the medicated creature on the same day without waiting.

a. Application to the Dry: 48 hours before application, the water should be drawn from the pans and the medicine should be thrown in a way to make a good coating on the herbs. It should not pass through medicated places again. At least 24 hours after spraying, pans should be given a level of water to cover weeds and should be kept stably for 3-4 days. Then fresh water should be given to the pans.

b. Application to water in places where cut irrigation is applied: Pans are filled with water to a depth of 5–6 cm and after the drug is applied to the water in an unusual manner, it is filled with water to cover the herbs and kept stagnant for 3-4 days at the same level. Then fresh water should be given to the pans.

c. In continuous water holding pans: In continuous water holding pans, the drug should definitely be applied to the recommended dose (3gr / decare) of water in an exciting manner. The next water order should be adjusted by the manufacturer according to the cultivation technique.

MIXABLE STATUS: RICESHOT can be used with other paddy herbicides containing the active ingredient of molinate and propanil and mixed with fungicides and insecticides such as carbendazim, deltamethrin, triazophos.