It may damage trees or cultivars if the following points are not observed; Do not apply to areas where fruit trees or cultivars that are not recommended can be found or where the drug can be transported or transported. Avoid contamination of the medicinal plants where the drug is not recommended during application. Do not contaminate the streams and irrigation waters.


GRANLAND is a wide range of weed medicine used in broad leaf weed control in wheat and barley. It is used in low doses. Its selectivity is very high.

Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose
Wheat Barley Arabian Broad Bean Balsamian Buttercup Poppy Rosy Mustard Cockarot Village-rotting Yellow herb Mother of pearl grass Fly trap Wild glass flower Wild indigo Wild vetch Wild radish Wild mustard Horned yogurt grass Field Sticky grass Pin mustard Vaccaria pyramidata, Lamium sp., Ranunculus arvensis, Papaver rhoeas, Myagrum perfoliatum, Bifora radians, Cirsium arvense Boreava orientalis, Buglossides arvensis, Silene copoidea, Geranium tuberosum, Isatis tlnetorla Vicia spp., Raphanus sp., Sinapis arvensis, Galium tricomutum, Asperula arvensis, Neslia paniculata 1g/da
Sky head Centaurea depressa a: 1.5 grams per decare Or b: 1 gram per decare + 0.1% Spreading Adhesive


GRANLAND is taken into the body by weeds through the roots and green parts. Its permanent effect in the soil is short. The growth of sensitive weeds stops shortly after the exercise. However, death symptoms are seen 1 to 3 weeks after the application depending on the growing conditions and the sensitivity of the weeds. After the exercise, 2 hours of no rain is important in terms of weed control at the highest level. While hot and humid conditions accelerate the effect of GRANLAND after the application, cold and dry conditions delay it. GRANLAND is not volatile and flammable. It does not corrode spraying tools.

It can be used safely in the period from the 2-leaf circuit of the grain to the scabbard circuit (spike in the scabbard). Since GRANLAND provides great flexibility in terms of application time, application time is determined according to the growth circuits of the weeds that have problems. The best result of the exercise, however, when weeds are at least two-leafed, but 15 cm. It is taken when the height or diameter is reached and the weeds are made without being covered by the grain. Disinfection in fields where Gökbaş grass is high.

Do not apply GRANLAND more than once in the same place in one season.
PHYOTOXICITY: It is not phytotoxic when GRANLAND is used in accordance with the recommendation.
MIXABLE: In general, spreading adhesive can be used in all doses. This will increase the effect of GRANLAND on some weeds or cause the effect to appear more quickly. GRANLAND 2.4 - D It can be mixed with Ester and Amine compounds and used.