Plant Name

Weed Name

Usage Dose

Standby time

Spreading Adhesive

Sugar beet






Annual Grass Grass:

Daric (E. crus-galli)

Spotted Darica (E. colonum)

Wild Oats (Avena spp.)

Tiki tail

(Alopecurus myosuroides)

Crazy (Lolium rigidum)

Goosegrass (Eleusina indica)

Forks (Digitaria songuinalis)

40-50 ml/da

56 day

1 part to medicine

2 parts spreading adhesive

Always use the medicine with spreading adhesive.


30-40 ml/da

Perennial Herbs:

Johnson grass(Sorghum halepense)

80 ml/da


Self-Coming Wheat-Barley
Delice (L. rigidum)
Inflorescences-Buy (Poa trivialis)
Hedgehog Millet (Setaria viridis)

30 ml/da

56 day

Application Time: Talent 240 EC should be used after emergence during the young and active growing periods (2-6 leaves) of weeds. Crops and weeds drought, cold, etc. For reasons, it should not be applied under conditions of stress, and it should be waited until the stress conditions disappear.


- Medication and spreading adhesive is first diluted with a little water in a separate container. The tank of the tool is halfway

pour it into the medicated creature that we prepared by filling it with water and running its mixer and add water on it.

Complete with.

- Use sufficient water to apply a good coating. For this, before going on spraying

First calibrate with your instrument. Use 20-40 Liter of water per decare.

- In case of riding on perennial grass, a second spraying can be done.

- No soil cultivation should be made 7 days before and after application.

- If there is a chance of rain within an hour, spraying should be postponed.

- Spraying in irrigated areas should be done 4-5 days after irrigation.

- It is recommended to use fan type nozzle for spraying.

MIXABLE CONDITION: Talent 240 EC should not be used in combination with Pyrithiobac-sodium compounded drugs, which are effective against broad-leaved weeds in cotton. The administration of drugs with Pyrithiobac-sodium compound should be done after TALENT administration and after at least 1 day. With insecticides containing Lambda-Cyhalothrin and Esfenvalerate; It can be used with weed medicines containing Phenmedipham, Desmedipham and Bentazone.