Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose period
Wheat Charlock (Sinapis arvensis) 125 ml/ decares after the exit
Sticky Grass (Galium tricornutum)
Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)
speedwell (Veronica spp.)
Father with honey (Lamium spp).
Shepherd's Bag (Capsella bursa- pastoris)
Köygöçüren (Cirsium arvense)
(Fumaria officinalis)
Wedding Flower (Ranunculus arvensis)

PREPARATION FOR APPLICATION: The required amount of drug is mixed with a small amount of water in a suitable container. Two thirds are added into the spraying tank filled with water and mixed. The tank is then completed with water. Calibration is performed first to calculate the amount of water to be used per decare. For this, a certain amount of water is put into the tank of the tool and it is calculated by running at a constant speed in the field conditions, how much area can be wetted with the existing water. Here, how much water will be spent per decare is calculated with the calibrated tool. Spraying should be done when the air is cool and calm.


Since it is a herbicide used after emergence, it should be applied after weeds. 20- 40 lt per decare with back sprayer or standard arm sprayer. should be thrown with water.

To get the best results from GEVEN M, it should be applied in the period when weeds have 2-3 leaves or during the rosette leaf periods. A good coating should be applied in application. Care should be taken to ensure that the air temperature is between 10 and 28 ° C during the application of GEVEN M. Spraying is not suitable when the surface of the plant is wet. If it is predicted to rain after 4 hours, spraying should not be done.

Wheat should be at least 3 leaves in the period when the drug is applied. The period from the 3-leaf period to the brotherhood is the period when the application is most appropriate.

It is recommended to use fan type nozzle during spraying.


GEVEN M can be mixed with Phenoxy group herbicides. It can be mixed with liquid fertilizers. However, we recommend the farmer to try a premix at his own expense and responsibility. The mixture should be used on the day it is prepared.