Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose period
Paddy Dancan (Cinek) Echinochloa crus-galli 80 ml/da

Before Sibling
2-4 leaves
from the period -
After Sibling (1-3 siblings)
until the period.

E. oryzoides
Spotted Darica E. colommi
Maiden's Grass (Mischievous Cyperus difformis
Frog Spoon Alisma plantago
Pigeon's Foot Ammania coccinea
Kındıra (Sea Chair Saz) Scirpus maritimus 100 ml/da

USAGE: CHENOKER is used after weeding against weeds that have problems in paddy cultivation areas. It is applied by spraying to the water-depleted (bitter) pans with herbicides suitable for 2-4 leaf period from the period when weeds have 1-3 brothers. Care should be taken to apply the drug evenly throughout the paddy pan and cover it completely; For this purpose, it is recommended to use 20 - 40 l / da water for spraying.

Care should be taken not to exceed the recommended dose.

Following application, it is recommended to give water to the pans within 48 hours (2 days) at the latest after the drug dries on the weed surface. If there is a problem in giving water, this period can be extended up to 52 hours (3 days).

PREPARATION OF THE MEDICINE: Fill the sprayer tank halfway with water. After mixing the required amount of CHENOKER with a small amount of water in a bowl, add it to the tank and start the mixer. Wash the empty product container and the medicine measuring cup in the tank of the sprayer using plenty of water. Continue mixing, add the remaining water.

MIXTURE STATUS: If there are weeds such as water paste (P.paspaloides) and dam grass (D.fusca) in your paddy field, it can be applied by mixing with CLIPPER 200 EC. It is not recommended to be mixed with other paddy medicines.


Immediately after spraying, empty the tank of the spraying device completely. Wash the tank and all parts using water and a suitable detergent. Ensure that pipes, filters and nozzles are cleaned by operating the tool mixer and spray mechanism. Rinse the outside with water. Repeat the same processes with clean water to ensure that the tool is thoroughly rinsed. Take all necessary precautions during washing. Never carry out washing near water sources; washing water and

Never pour spraying residue into water sources.