Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose period Application


Bozot (Heliotropium spp.) 200 ml/da In the active growth period of weeds, in the period of 2-4 true leaves. It should be used from 3 true leafy period of onion.
Shepherd's wand (Polygonum aviculare)
cockscomb (Amaranthus spp.)
crowbar (Chenopodium spp.)
(Fumaria officinalis)
(Sinapis arvensis)
Wild Radish (Raphanis raphanistrum)

Preparation of the drug for application: The sprayer tank is filled with water in half. The required amount of the drug is mixed well with a little water in a separate container.

mixer is added to the working tank. Then, the required amount of water is added to the remaining part of the tank. FENKİLL 24 EC should be thrown with 20-40 L water per decare.

TIME OF USE AND METHOD: The best results are obtained with the coating application to be made when the weeds are in the active growth period (2-4 true leaves) starting from the 3 real leafy circuits. It should be avoided spraying in windy and very hot hours, it should be done after morning dew or in the evening. Medication should not be applied to the onion field damaged by onion plants in any way (disease, pest and other meteorological factors). A good coating should be applied.

DURABILITY CONDITION: The use of the same herbicide or herbicides with the same effect in the same place for many years may cause the individuals who are naturally found to grow and dominate the environment. As a result, weed effects cannot be obtained with the recommended doses of these herbicides. The alternating use of herbicides from different groups and with different modes of action delays or prevents the development of cultural measures and alternating weed resistance.

Matters to be Considered in Alternative Products: There is no restriction for the plants to be planted one year later. As a second product, corn and cotton can be planted on condition that it is applied deeply. Please consult the company for other products.