Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose
CHECKED WITH PRE-EXIT APPLICATIONS Kokar Weed, Nightingale Grass, Yavsan Grass, Canary Grass, Sticky Grass, Genuine Sapper Bifora radians, Sisymbrium altissimun, Veronica spp., Senecio vulgaris,Galium tricornotum, Matricaria chamomilla 5 g/da
BETTER CONTROL WITH POST-OUTPUT APPLICATIONS Köyçürüren, Wild Mustard, Sticky Grass, Stinking Grass, Field Yavşan grass, Wild Cress Cirsium arvense, Sinapsis arvensis, Galium tricornutum, Veronica arvensis, Lepidium draba 7.5 g/da
CONTROLS WITH APPLICATIONS BEFORE AND AFTER EXIT Kokar Weed, Wild Mustard, Chamomile, Field Rapid Grass, Ivy Shepherd's Wand, Crane Beak, Broom Bifora radians, Sinapsis arvensis, Matricaria chamomilla, Veronica arvensis, Polygonum convolvulus, Geranium tuberosum, Sisymbrium altissimum 7.5 g/da

* It is not recommended to be used outside the Marmara Region.


PRE-EXIT - Wheat

The dose is 7.5 grams of medicine per decare.

The drill should be carried out uniformly within 3-4 days after wheat planting. In general, there is no need for a second application to control the broad-leaved weeds in spring.

AFTER EXIT - Wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale

The dose is 7.5 grams of medicine per decare.

The exercise can be carried out at any time during the period from the 2-3 leaf circuit of the grain to the scabbard circuit. However, the best effect is achieved when GAINER 10 WP is applied to young (not 5 cm in diameter or height) and actively growing weeds.

USAGE: GAINER 10 WP is recommended in areas where cereal-fallow-cereal and cereal-cereal seizures are applied.

Note: Do not apply GAINER 10 WP to pressure and plants damaged by pests due to abnormal weather conditions and drought, as the product may cause damage.

GAINER 10 WP is a wide range of weed pesticides used in foreign control in cereals (wheat, barley, oats, rye). Prepared in a water-wettable powder formulation. It is used in low doses, its selectivity is very high. Weeds take the GAINER 10 WP through their roots and green parts. Shortly after application, the growth of sensitive weeds stops. However, the symptoms of death appear 1-3 weeks after application depending on the growing conditions and the sensitivity of the weeds. It is important to have 2 hours of rain-free period after application in terms of the highest possible level of weed control. Hot and humid conditions after the application accelerate the effect of the drug, and cold and dry conditions delay. It is not volatile and flammable. It does not corrode spraying tools. Do not apply to the plant under stress. If GAINER 10 WP is used as recommended, it controls many single-year broadleaf and some narrowleaf weeds. Many biennial and some perennial weeds are checked or suppressed.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be mixed with drugs containing 2,4-D Amine, 2,4-D Ester, Dichlofop-methyl, Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl.