Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose period


Wild Oats = healing Avena sterilis, A.fatua 30ml/da It is preferably used until the end of tillering in the early tillering period of wheat.

METHOD OF PREPARING THE APPLICATION FOR APPLICATION: Sprayer pulled with a tractor: The required amount of medicine is mixed with a small amount of water in a suitable container. Two thirds are added into the spraying tank filled with water and mixed. The tank is then completed with water. Rinse the empty packaging containers 3 times with water and add this rinse water to the medicated product. In order to obtain a homogeneous mixture during the preparation and application of the drug, the mixing apparatus of the tool must always be in working order.

Topcup 080 EC; It should be applied with a tractor-sprayed sprayer using a minimum of 15 liters of water per decare with medium or high volume ground sprayers. It is not recommended to use atomizer or back sprayer for spraying! It is recommended to use a flat fan nozzle (spray angle: 110 degrees) to disperse the medicated creature. The pump pressure should be 2-3 atmospheres and the plants should be well covered with medicated release.

APPLICATION TIME OF THE MEDICINE: Topcup 080 EC can be used at any time after the wheat and weeds have come out (post-em), for example, from the 3 leaf circuit of wheat until the end of tillering. Topcup 080 EC best result; It is obtained when applied in the circuit, where the majority of weeds come out and, for example, they grow actively under warm, damp conditions. Since Topcup 080 EC has no lasting effect, narrow leaf weeds emerging after drug administration are not controlled.

Following application, application should not be made in cases where precipitation is expected within 2 hours.

IMPACT OF THE DRUG: Topcup 080 EC is an effective herbicide used in narrow leaf weed control in wheat. The drug is taken into the body through the leaves in narrow leaf weeds and causes the active growth to stop within 48 hours in weeds. The effect of spraying is seen within 1-3 weeks depending on the type of grass and environmental conditions. Following the decay in weeds and the yellowing of young leaves, a successful fight is achieved. Topcup 080 EC is not affected by the rain that will fall within 2-3 hours after its application. The safener (excipient) in the formulation of the drug promotes metabolism, increasing the success in spraying. It is very well tolerated by Wheat when it is used in recommended dosage and period. Since it decomposes in the soil in a very short time, there is no restriction about alternation.

RESTRICTION: Topcup 080 EC is not recommended for use other than Wheat.

The use of the same herbicide or herbicides with the same effect in the same place for many years in succession may lead to the reproduction and dominance of resistant individuals naturally present in the environment. As a result, with the recommended doses of these herbicides, sufficient effect cannot be obtained against weeds. The alternating use of different groups and herbicides with different modes of action delays or prevents the development of cultural measures and alternating weed resistance.

MIXTURE CONDITION: When it is desired to control wide leaf weeds as well as narrow leaf weeds, it can be used as a mixture with Triasulfuron + Terbutryn compounds. It can be used with wheat fungicides.