(4-8 leaves)

Grassy herbs

Spotted Darica

(E. colonum)


(Echinochloa crusgalli)

the Çatalot

(Digitaria sanguinalis)

Hedgehog Millet

(Setaria viridis)

In the early period when they are brothers or when they are brothers (2-6 leaves)

125 ml/da

30 day

Johnson grass

(Sorghum halepense)

After there are enough exits to take the medicine

(10-30 cm tall)

125 ml/da

30 day

Broad Leaved Weeds

Red Rooted Foxtail

(Amaranthus retroflexus)

Dog Grape

(Chenopodium album)


(Xanthium strumarium)

Wild Purslane

(Portulaca oleracea)

In the young periods when their development was 2-6 leaves

30 day

How to use
- First dissolve the medicine in separate container in water. Fill the tank of your tool with water halfway, run the mixer and pour the medicine into it and top it up with water. For good weed control, care should be taken to apply a good coating. The amount of water to be used is 10-40 l per decare. If weed density is high, the amount of water to be used should be increased. If possible, fan type nozzle (11003-11002) should be used for spraying.
- Do not apply the spraying at hot hours of the day.

- There should be no precipitation within 4-5 hours after spraying.
- Do not use with organic soil insecticides in the same year. It should be at least 7 days between organic phosphorous drugs applied from the leaf.

Matters to be Considered During Alternation
In the fields where Sanspor is applied, only wheat, barley and soybeans after 4 months; After 10 months, the desired cultivated plant can be planted.


The plant protection product named SANSPOR is a herbicide classified as Group B, 2 according to its mechanism of action. Repeated applications of plant protection products with the same mechanism of action promote resistance development. For this reason, in order to delay the development of resistance, do not exceed the total number of applications of SANSPOR recommended in the same production season. In cases where the application needs to be repeated, pay attention to the use of plant protection products with different mechanism of action (except Group B, 2).

MIXABLE SITUATION: SANSPOR can be used by making a mixture of bromoxynil-containing drugs and tanks. It does not mix with organic phosphorous drugs.