HORAYDA EXTRA is a wide range of weed pesticides used in broad leaf weed control in wheat and barley. It is prepared as a dry fluid. It is used in low doses, its selectivity is very high.

HORAYDA EXTRA is taken to the body by weeds by means of roots and green parts. Its permanent effect in the soil is short. The growth of sensitive weeds stops shortly after application. However, the symptoms of death appear 1-3 weeks after the application depending on the growing conditions and the sensitivity of the weeds. While the hot and humid conditions after the application accelerate the effect of EXTRA in HORAY, cold and dry conditions delay it. EXCRA IN HORAY is not volatile or flammable. It does not corrode spraying tools.


Licensed use doses: 2 - 2.5 - 3 g / da

Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose
Wheat and Barley Nightingale (Sisymbrium sp.) 2 gr/da
Shepherd's Bag (Capsella bursa-pastoris) 2 gr/da
Wedding flower (Ranunculus arvensis) 2 gr/da
Donkey lettuce (Sonchus sp.) 2 gr/da
Mustard (Sinapis arvensis) 2 gr/da
Women's mirror (Legousia pentagonia) 2 gr/da
Corncockle (Agrostemma githago) 2 gr/da
Crowbar (Chenopodium album) 2 gr/da
Pelemir (Cephalaria syriaca) 2 gr/da
Yellow weed (Boreava orientalis) 2 gr/da
Y. Violet (Viola sp.) 2 gr/da
Heart mustard (Myagum perfoliatum) 2 gr/da
Sparrow language (Stellaria media) 2 gr/da
Venus comb (Scandix pecten venensis) 2 gr/da
the Shins (Conium maculatum) 2,5 gr/da
Father with honey (Lamium amplexicaule) 2,5 gr/da
Shepherd's wand (Polygonum persicaria) 2,5 gr/da
Viper grass (Echium sp.) 2,5 gr/da
Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) 2,5 gr/da
Smell herb (Bifora radians) 2,5 gr/da
Dog daisy (Anthemis sp.) 2,5 gr/da
generation to (Neslia sp.) 2,5 gr/da
Daisy (Matricaria chamomilla) 2,5 gr/da
Ivy Shepherd Wand (Polygonum convolvulus) 2,5 gr/da
Sticky grass (Gallium aparine) 2,5 gr/da
Mouse ear (Anagallis arvensis) 2,5 gr/da
Reach asper (Asperula sp.) 3 gr/da
Horned cumin (Hypecoum sp.) 3 gr/da
dark blue bottle (Centaurea cyanus) 3 gr/da
Chicory (Cichorium intybus) 3 gr/da
Blood drop (Adonis flammae) 3 gr/da
Village immigrant (Circium arvense) 3 gr/da
Shah tere (Fummaria officinalis) 3 gr/da
Stone cutting grass (Lithospermum arvence) 3 gr/da
Hazeran (Consolida regalis) 3 gr/da
speedwell (Veronica hederafolia) 3 gr/da

USAGE: It can be used safely in the period from the 2-leaf circuit of the grain to the scabbard circuit (the spike is in the scabbard). Since EXTRA provides great flexibility in terms of application time, the application time is determined according to the growth circuits of the weeds that have a problem. The 2-hour no-rain time after the exercise ensures weed control at the highest level.

PHYOTOXITY: It is not phytotoxic when used in accordance with the EXTRA recommendations.

PRODUCT EXPERIENCE: All kinds of cultivated plants can be planted 60 days after EXTRA use in cereals.

IMPORTANT: If the following points are not taken into consideration, it may damage trees and cultivated plants.

Cleaning of Spraying Tools: All parts of the spraying tools immediately after spraying in cereals, as damage may occur in other crops that are not recommended:

-Clean with 100 liters of water with a solution of 1 liter of bleach (sodium hypochlorite).

- This melt is kept in the spraying tank with the mixer running for 10 minutes.

- After removing the spraying tank, pump, hose and pipe spray nozzle and strainers

at least 3 times with the prepared solution.

- Nozzles and strainers should be washed separately.

HORAYDA EXTRA can also be used as a tank mixture with any kind of insecticides or fungicides licensed in cereals, or in succession. However, under certain conditions (drought, cereals 2-4 leaves period), tank mixes or sequential exercises with organic phosphorous insecticides may cause temporary yellowing or damage in cereals. Therefore, if it is necessary to try such exercises in small areas without using in large areas and use an insecticide, it is recommended to use an insecticide other than organic forsforlular group (for example, synthetic pyrethroids group, EXTRA should be dissolved in water, then others should be added while preparing tank mixes.

MIXED CONDITION: EXTRA 2,4-D Ester, 2,4-D amine compound, Eagle Super and Illotox 28 EC can be used as a tank mixture with HORAYDA.