Plant Name

Weeds Controlled

Usage Dose


Foxtail (Alopecurus myosuroides)

Vicious wild oats (Avena sterilis)

Delice (Lolium temulentum)

Short-eared bird (Phalaris brachystachys)

Soft spike bird (Phalaris paradoxa)

Small-eared bird (Phalaris minor

Decare at 20 ml dose,

It is applied in the brooding period of wheat (3 leaves) until the end of brooding at the latest.


Topcup 240 EC; It should be applied with a tractor-sprayed sprayer using a minimum of 15 liters of water per decare with medium or high volume ground sprayers. It is not recommended to use atomizer or back sprayer for spraying! It is recommended to use a flat fan nozzle (spray angle: 110 degrees) for the steady distribution of the medicated creature. The pump pressure should be 2-3 atmospheres and the plants should be well covered with medicated release.

IMPACT OF THE PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCT: Topcup 240 EC is taken from the leaves of narrow leaf weeds. Active growth stops within 48 hours in drug-sensitive narrow leaf weeds. Weed

Depending on the type and environmental conditions, the effects of the drug are seen within 1-3 weeks. Weed nodes and rot in growth points are visible, deaths occur after young leaves turn yellow. It is not affected by precipitation occurring 2-3 hours after the application. The excipient (safener) in the formulation of the drug promotes metabolism, increasing the drug's selectivity on wheat.

PLANT PROCESS: It is very well tolerated by wheat when used in the recommended period and dosage.

RESTRICTION: Topcup 240 EC is not recommended for use in products other than wheat.

EXPERIMENTAL FLEXIBILITY: As Topcup 240 EC decomposes in the soil in a short time, its effect from the soil is almost negligible. Therefore, there are no restrictions on alternation.

APPLICATION TIME: Topcup 240 EC can be used at any time after wheat and weeds are removed (post-em), for example, from the 3 leaf circuit of wheat until the end of tillering. Topcup 240 EC best result; It is obtained when applied in the circuit, where the majority of weeds come out and grow actively under warm, humid conditions, for example. Since Topcup 240 EC has no permanent effect, narrow leaf weeds that come after drug administration are not controlled.

Following application, application should not be made in cases where precipitation is expected within 2 hours.

MIXABLE CONDITION: When narrow leaf weeds as well as broad leaf weeds are to be controlled, Topcup 240 EC can be used in a mixture with Libero WG. It should not be used in a mixture with Sulfonyl urea and 2-4 D compounds. Can be used with Topcup wheat fungicides.
It should be applied with at least 15 l / da of water with pulverizers drawn with a tractor. Atomizers and back sprayers are not recommended. 2-3 atm with 110 degree flat fan nozzles. pressure spraying is recommended.