Alpac 10 ULV

plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Cereals Süne Eurygaster spp 150 ml / da 1,3 and 4,5. ULV application as a preparation in the term nymph and new generation adulthood 7 day
Grain proboscis beetle Pachytychius hordei ULV application as preparation in 135 ml / da period 7 day
Olive Olive Fly Bactrocera olea 200 ml preparation + 800 ml larva protein hydrolyzate 85% / Ha. ULV Bait-Spray application 14 day

METHOD OF USING THE MEDICINE: Since it is effective as contact and stomach poison, coating pulverization should be done on the surface of the plants. Ultra Low Volume can be easily applied with all kinds of air and ground tools suitable for spraying. Made for direct use, it is not mixed with water.

Calibration adjustment should be made so as to prepare 150 ml per decare of ULV-equipped airplanes to be used for field spraying in field crops. In the Olive Fly ULV Bait-Spray application, planes prepared according to the technique and calibrated to make 1 liter of hectare are used. Protein Hydrolysate 85% attractant feed substance and the drug should be loaded into the tank of the plane by thoroughly mixing and filtering. In order to provide coating spraying in calibration setting in airborne ULV applications, the dose spray nozzles thrown up per application, work width, flight height and the surface of the drug should be checked.

Spraying should be done in the cool, windless and raw times of the day and unexpected days. Application should not be performed when the temperature exceeds 32oC in the open air and the wind speed exceeds 11-12 km in air spraying.


It cannot be used by mixing with high alkali and high acidic pesticides. It mixes with agriculture (Protein hydrolyzate 85%). Other ULV formulation can be mixed with insecticides by performing a mixture test.