plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose
Sugar beet Wire Wolves Agriotes spp

750 g / 100 kg seed

millipedes Diplopoda
Bow tails Collembola
Earth Flea Beetles Chaetocnema spp.
Wheat Crop Hump Beetle Zabrus spp. 200 g/100 kg seed Larva, adult
Potato Wire Wolves Agriotes spp. 30 g./100 kg seed Larva
Potato Beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata 15 g./100 kg seedLarva, adult
Egypt Wire Wolves Agriotes spp. 500 g./100 kg seedLarva


Sugar Beet: Due to the sensitivity of sugar beet seeds to moisture and to make a sensitive spraying, the volume of the drug mixture to be applied in the seed processing and spraying factories, which have professional spraying schemes, depends on the equipment type, other substances entering the mixture and drying possibilities. Follow the instructions for seed spraying equipment. The required amount of water for spraying with spraying barrels and similar equipment is 15-20 liters. The required amount of drug for 100 kg of seed is added to the required amount of water and it is expected to settle in the bottom, then mixed thoroughly and made ready for spraying. This amount of medicated solution is applied to the seed in 3 times, and it is mixed every time and a good coating is provided.

Wheat: Selectors, which have liquid spraying arrangement, have a preliminary test and ideal amount of water. (This amount is between 500-800 ml for 100 kg seeds). Spraying is done by putting the required amount of medicine into the required amount of water. If spraying with spraying barrel will be made, the recommended amount for 100 kg seed is 800-1000 ml. It is added to water. It is expected to settle to the bottom, then mixed well. It is added to the spraying barrel several times and a homogeneous spraying is made by turning the barrel each time.

Potatoes: Seed potatoes are spread on a flat and hard ground. The recommended amount of the drug for 100 kg seed is added to 1-1.5 liters of water in the bucket and the drug is expected to settle. Then it is mixed well and transferred to the sprayer. Some of the recommended amount of water is used, for example, for washing the drug that may be contaminated with 0.5 liter bucket or remain at the bottom and transfer it to the sprayer.

The drug transferred to the sprayer is sprayed on the seed potatoes in two times. After half of the medicated water is sprayed on the spread seeds, the seed potatoes are turned upside down with a shovel.

Spraying is completed by spraying the second part of the tank on the seed. The point to be considered in spraying is that the amount of water will be in a quantity that will wet the seed but not flow to the ground. The amount of water can be reduced and increased, provided that the dose remains constant according to the seed type and size. The ideal amount of water should be found by calibration, i.e. measurements. It can be sowed immediately after spraying, or it can be left for a few days by sacking or pouring after the seeds are removed from moisture. Rubber gloves should be worn while spraying, sacking and sewing.

Corn: The necessary medicine for 100 kg of seeds is added to 1.5 liters of water. The seed spreads on a flat surface. Half of the medicated mixture is sprayed into the seed and the seed is mixed thoroughly, then the remaining half of the drug is added to the seed and the seed is mixed thoroughly. Spraying can be done in the same way in drums or drums. The seeds are then propagated for a while, reducing the humidity and sowing immediately or stored until planting time. If it is stored as damp, its driving power decreases due to dampness.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be mixed with drugs containing Thiram and Hymexazole.