Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Dönemi Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting


Striped leafworm (Spodoptera exiqua) 12.5 g/da 3 day
*vineyard Bunch of moth (Lobesia botrana) 12.5 g/100 L water Larva 10 day(table and wine grapes)
Pepper (greenhouse) Cotton leafworm (Spodoptera littoralis) 17 g/100 L water (Larva) 3 day
Tomato (greenhouse) Cotton leafworm (Spodoptera littoralis) 17 g/100 L water (Larva) 3 day
Cucumber (greenhouse) Cotton leafworm (Spodoptera littoralis) 17 g/100 L water (Larva) 3 day

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.


STARİN WG is a gastric and touch-acting insecticide used in the formulation of water dispersible granules in corn, vineyard, tomato, pepper and cucumber to fight pests. It is effective in all periods of harmful larvae, as well as the eggs of some species.
STARIN WG acts in insects by blocking sodium channels in nerve cells and pests and other activities of pests stop or decrease very shortly after spraying. Pests die within 24 to 60 hours.
STARİN WG is not affected by the precipitation after the drug dries on the plant after spraying. There is no need to repeat spraying.


Make sure the spraying tool is clean before preparing the medicine. The sprayer tank is half filled with water. The required amount of medicine is mixed with a little water in a small container and transferred to the spraying tool and the tank of the spraying tool is completed with water. Continue operating the mixer of the tool throughout the application. If a tank mixture is to be made with other drugs, STARİN WG should be put into the tank of the tool and then other drugs should be added. Do not prepare too much medicine for spraying.

Before starting spraying, a calibration should be made to determine the amount of water required to spray an area of ​​decare, then, as described above, the required amount of water determined for the area to be sprayed must be mixed with the required amount of medication and spraying must be carried out so that the plants are all wetted. Before starting calibration and spraying, make sure that all kinds of adjustments are made to the spraying tool to be used.


Striped Leafworm in Corn: If the average 2 larvae per plant is dropped on a plant under control, apply immediately. Do not apply more than 3 STARIN WGs in the same place during the season.

Vineyard Bunch Moth: The spraying times against bunch moth are determined according to the forecast and warning system. For larvacite application, the number of butterflies caught in the traps should reach the peak and fall, the effective temperature sum should be 120 gd (day degrees) in the 1st generation, the dark temperatures should be above 15 º for 2 days in a row, this should continue in the following days. The effective total temperature should reach 520 gd in the 2nd, 1047 gd in the 3rd, the phenology of the vine should be in the period of flower bud in the 1st, in the second, in the beginning of sweetening in the third. When the first larval outflow is seen, it is decided to spray it. One spraying is done in every decade.

Cotton Leaf Worm in Tomato, Pepper and Cucumber: For best effect, it is suitable to apply in the period when the eggs are opened. Pest control is necessary when 1-2 newly opened egg packages or 4-5 larvae are seen in 100 plants by walking in the direction of the diagonals of vegetable fields. Care should be taken when spraying the larvae without spreading, as the result will be better. Depending on the intensity of the pest during the period, spraying should be repeated every 10-14 days if necessary. STARIN WG is effective on the larvae of the pest. Do not apply more than 4 STARIN WGs at the same place during the season.

MIXABLE CONDITION: Can be mixed with many known fungicides and insecticides