Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Cotton Cotton Leafworm Spodoptera littoralis 30 ml/da (larva) 28 day

Cotton Leafworm

Spodoptera littoralis 30 ml/da (larva) 7 day
Egypt Striped Leafworm Spodoptera exiqua 20 ml/da (larva) 35 day
Cucumber (greenhouse) Cotton Leafworm Spodoptera littoralis 30 gr/100 lt water 7 day


The plant protection product calculated over the recommended dosage is first mixed with some water in a separate container. The tank of the application machine is half filled with water. While the mixer of the machine is running, the mixture is added to the tank. The mixing is continued and the tank is completed with water. Mixing process continues until the application is completed. Use the prepared mixture on the same day.


Maturon 050 EC is an effective plant protection product by preventing the synthesis of the kit. This product is effective on leafworm larvae. It acts through the stomach rather than contact. Maturon 050 EC remains essentially on the surface of applied plant parts. It is not a systemic but a powerful larva killer product. Medicated larvae cannot properly change shirts.

Against cotton leafworm in cotton, the leaves, combs, flowers and cocoons of a total of 25 plants are checked, one in 10-15 steps. Application is decided when 0.5 larvae per plant or 2 egg packages or 2 newly opened egg packages are seen in 25 plants.

It is necessary to fight with pests when walking in the direction of diagonal against cotton leafworm in Pepper and Cucumber (greenhouse), when 1-2 newly opened egg packs or 4-5 larvae are seen in 100 plants. Attention should be paid to the application time since the applications are performed without the larvae dispersing.

A total of 25 plants, 5 of which are next to each other on the rows, are checked, and the larvae are counted in corn to represent the field against cotton striped leafworm. The application is made when there is an average of 2 larvae / plants.

MIXABLE CONDITION: Maturon 050 EC can be mixed with neutral reaction insecticides. If the reaction of the plant protection product to be mixed is unknown, a sample is made to determine whether it mixes. The mixture should be well prepared and used within a few hours.