Disease Harmful Weed

Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Cotton Tobacco whitefly Bemisia tabaci 350 ml / da Larva and adult ---
Pepper Tobacco whitefly Bemisia tabaci 300 ml / da Larva and adult 7 day
Pepper (greenhouse) Tobacco whitefly Bemisia tabaci 300 ml/da Larva and adult 7 day
Greenhouse whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum
Tomato Tobacco whitefly Bemisia tabaci 300 ml/da Larva and adult 7 day

METHOD OF USE: TEKVAPP is effective for both adult and larvae of the white fly. TEKVAPP has contact, stomach and fumigant effects. Contact effect is immediate. Since the effect on the larvae occurs by preventing the synthesis of chitin, death in the larvae is observed after the larval period changes. For a successful fight, 3 sprayings should be made on cotton and 2 on vegetables. The first spraying on cotton is on the verge of economic damage, the second spraying should be done 7 - 10 days after the first, and the third spraying should be done 11-15 days after the second spraying, following the condition of the population. Spray the vegetables in 7 days apart. Due to the feature of TEKVAPP, when the application is made according to the recommendations, a decreasing course is observed in the population (especially the larvae). Additional applications may be required for re-infections. For additional applications, the condition of the population and the plant should be examined. If there is an increase in the population, additional sprayings are made.

For a successful fight, the coating must be good. Ground instruments should be preferred for this.

PREPARATION OF THE MEDICINE FOR APPLICATION: The sprayer tank is half filled with water. The recommended amount of the drug is mixed with some water in a separate container. The prepared mixture is added to the sprayer tank. The mixing apparatus of the sprayer is operated and the required amount of water remaining is put into the tank. The medicated product prepared should be used on the same day.

MIXABLE STATUS: TEKVAPP can be mixed with many insecticides such as Lambda-cyhalothrin. It is recommended to make mixture trials before making the mixture and if the mixture is to be made, the drugs should be mixed separately after reconstitution.