Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
*Cotton Green Wolf Helicoverpa armigera 200 ml/da. Larva 14 day
Egypt Corn Cobworm Sesamia nonagroides 40 ml / da, (3 sprayings with 15 days interval)

14 day

Corn Shepherd Ostrinia nubilalis
apple Apple Stuffed Wolf Cydia pomonella 20 ml/ 100 l. water, Larva

14 day

Apple network
Hyponomeuta malinellus 15 ml/100 l. water, Larva
Cereals Süne Eurygaster integriceps 15 ml / da. 1-3 and 4-5 period nymphs and new generation adults

14 day

Hose Insect Pachytychius hordei 15 ml/da.
Kimilians Aelia rostrata 45 ml / da; wintered adult, 2-5 period nymphs and new generation adult
Sugar beet Shield Beetle Cassida spp. 15-20 ml / da

14 day

Leaf Fleas Chaetocnema spp. 15-20 ml/da
Leaf Fleas Cleonus spp. 40-50 ml/da
olive Olive Fly Bactrocera oleae 25 ml/100 l. water 14 day
Tomato Green Wolf Helicoverpa armigera 50 ml/da 14 day
**vineyard Skeleton key Otiorrynchus spp 30 ml/100 l. water 7 day
Hazelnut Hazelnut Curculio nucum 40 ml/da 14 day

* It is not used in the Mediterranean Region.

** It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.

METHOD OF PREPARATION OF THE MEDICINE: While preparing the drug, the tank of the sprayer is filled halfway with water, and then the calculated amount of drug is reproduced in another container with water and mixed thoroughly, and the required amount of water is added to the tank of the tool.

Calibration is performed first to calculate the amount of water to be used per decare. For this, a certain amount of water is put into the tank of the tool and it is calculated by running at a constant speed in the field conditions, how much area can be wetted with the existing water. From here, how much water will be spent per decare is calculated with the calibrated tool.

MIXABLE STATUS: May be mixed with other insecticides.