Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name Dosage and Period Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Egypt Kocan Kurdu (Sesamia spp.)

40 ml /da ,larva

7 day

Corn Shepherd (Ostrinia nubilalis)
Apple Apple Stuffed Wolf (Cydia pomonella) 15 ml /100 L water 7 day
*Bond Bunch of Moths (Lobesia botrana) 20 ml/ 100 L water 7 day
Hazelnut Hazelnut Worm (Curculio nucum) 20 ml /da 7 day
Cotton Green wolf (Helicoverpa armigera) 125 ml/da 7 day
Tomato Green wolf (Helicoverpa armigera) 50 ml /da 7 day

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.


While preparing the drug, half the water is filled into the tank of the sprayer first. Then, the required amount of medication is taken and then it is mixed with water in another container and mixed thoroughly, then this mixture is added to the tank of the sprayer slowly and continuously and added to the required amount with water.


Against the Egyptian stubble; Spraying is started when the corn plant reaches 40-60 cm and 5% contamination is detected in the controls.

Against the Egyptian wolf; Spraying is started one week after the first egg opening. Second and third sprayings should be done with an interval of 15 days.

Apple is an innerworm and against bunch moth in the vineyard; Information to be obtained from the early warning systems should be sprayed around the environment.

Against hazelnut worm; Spraying should be done when more than half of the early varieties approach lentil size (3-4 mm) in order to protect the fruits. This period usually coincides with the end of April.

Against green wolf in cotton; The egg laying period of the disinfection pest should be carefully monitored, and the disinfection should be done at the critical disinfection time when new inficar larvae are in the majority. In this way, one application is sufficient in one generation.

Against green wolf in tomato; It is necessary to start spraying before the larvae enter the fruit. In the controls, spraying is started if 5 out of 100 plants are contaminated. It is checked again 10 days after spraying. If there is intensity to require spraying in the field, spraying is repeated.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be mixed with sulfur and other insecticides. It is recommended to use a pre-mix experiment before mixing.