Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Fruit Peach Comma Shelled Bit Nilotaspis halli 1200 ml / 100 L. water 0 day
Two Bubble Cocnillus Palaeolecanisum bituberculatum 1500 ml/100 L water 0 day
Comma Shell Bit Lepidosaphes ulmi 1200 ml / 100 L. water 0 day
Brown Kosnil Parthenolecanium corni 1200 ml / 100 L. water 0 day
Pear Red Crust Bit Epidiaspis leperii 1000ml / 100L. water 0 day


Sphaerolecanium prunastri 1200 ml/ 100 l water 0 day
Pear pillidi Cacopsylla pyri

1000 ml + 300 ml / 100 lt water Safa summer oil +

Gold Malathion 20 EC

0 day
*vineyard Floury Bit Planococcus citri 1000 ml / 100 L. water 0 day
Olive Wound Run Pollinia pollini 1200 ml/100 L water 0 day
Cotton Kosnil Philippia oleae 1250 ml/100 l water 0 day
Black Kosnil Saissetia oleae 1250 ml / 100 l water In the Mediterranean region, winter and summer jewels. 1500 ml / 100l water for summer and winter jewelery in Marmara and Black Sea region 0 day
Black Kosnil Saissetia oleae 1500 ml / 100l water (for winter struggle in Ege B.) 1250 ml / 100 l water (for summer struggle in Ege B.) 0 day
Pistachio Pistachio Green Psilid Megagonascena viridis 1,500 ml/100l water 0 day

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.

Time Between Last Spraying and Harvest:

No waiting time is required, as it is nontoxic to humans and warm-blooded animals.


Spraying can be done at any time in fruit trees except for flower time. If the pest is very intense, it is recommended to spray again after the harvest in citrus. In olive and other fruit trees, it should be sprayed in circuits in which summer pests are young in the fight against cognac and red spiders.


Fill the tank of the sprayer halfway with water. After the recommended amount of the drug is mixed with some water in a separate container, it is transferred to the tank of the sprayer. The remaining amount of water is added to the volume after adding the spraying apparatus of the spraying device and the volume is completed. Plants should be watered before the exercise. The drill must be held early in the morning or late in the evening. Care should be taken to ensure that all the trees, especially their insides and end branches, are wetted completely during spraying.


It should not be mixed with sulphurous drugs.