Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose
Pear Pear pillidi (Cacopsylla pyri) 1500 ml/100 L water
Peach Mulberry crustacean (Pseudolacaspis pentagona) 3000 ml/100 L water
Cucumber (greenhouse) Red spider (Tetrancychus spp.)

800 ml/100 L water


The sprayer tank is half filled with water. The required amount of medicine is mixed with some water in a separate container and placed in the tank. By running the mixing device, water is added until the tank is full. Prepared medicine must be applied with a pressure sprayer.


Pear Psillidi: Spraying is done when almost all the eggs left by the wintering adult adults open and when the 2nd and 3rd term nymphs begin to be seen. Summer spraying can be done when needed.

Peach Mulberry Shellfish: It should be applied 2-3 weeks before the flowers bloom. However, if necessary, disinfection can be made up to a few days (pink bud) before the buds open.

Cucumber (greenhouse) Red Spider: It is decided to fight if 3-5 live red spider hits per leaf in the counts. One application is sufficient.


SMILODON does not mix with drugs containing sulfur, captain and folpet active ingredients. If the plant protection products in question are applied to the plant, it is necessary to wait 20 days for the application of SMILODON. SMILODON should be used alone.