Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose period Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Tomato (Greenhouse) White fly (Bemisia tabaci) 100 ml/da adult-larvae (Drip irrigation) 5 day
Pepper (Greenhouse) White fly (Bemisia tabaci) 100 ml/da adult-larvae (Drip irrigation) 5 day
Cucumber (greenhouse) White fly (Bemisia tabaci) 100 ml/da adult-larvae (Drip irrigation) 3 day


ARTISTE 240 SC drug effective substance ‘'Thiamethoxam' 'is a systemic drug that acts on both pests through contact and stomach and is effective on the nervous system of insects. Effective substance taken by plant parts is rapidly transported to cotyledon, fresh shoots and leaves.


Tractor and back pulverizers and motorized atomizers can be used in foliar applications. Take care for a good coating in plants with dense green parts. Spraying should be avoided in cases where the green parts are wet during the hot hours of the day or when rain is expected immediately. Shake the medicine well in its package before use. Medicated product should be used without waiting.

Spraying Tool Calibration: Make sure that the tool is properly calibrated before spraying. In order to determine the amount of medicated water to be used per decare or per tree, plants in a particular area or a certain number of trees are firstly wetted with only water. The amount of medicated water to be used per decare or per tree is determined by determining the spent water.

Preparation of the drug: The drug calculated over the recommended dosage is mixed with a small amount of clean water first. Then this premix is ​​put into the tank of the tool half filled with water. While mixing, the water level is completed. Medicated product should always be mixed very well and used within a few hours. Mixing is continued until the application is completed. More medicinal products should not be prepared than necessary


Tomato (greenhouse), Pepper (greenhouse) and Cucumber (greenhouse): The drug is given to the root area of ​​the plants with the drip irrigation system. Before the application, the root area of ​​the plants should be wetted with plain watering. After determining the amount of water required for irrigation of a decare area, the required amount of medicine is put into the spraying tank and spraying is done with a drip irrigation system. After the application is finished, a reasonable amount of time should be given to clean the medicine left in the pipes. In the drip irrigation system, water is given to the drip pipes for calibration, and the flow rate of the 3 nozzles from the top and bottom is measured. Deviation should not exceed 10%.


When used in accordance with the recommendations, it is well tolerated by the plants for which it is recommended. In case of hesitation, sensitive and new plant tolerance should be checked.


If ARTIST 240 SC will be used as a tank mixture, before ARTIST 240 SC, ‘'water-soluble packaged' (WSB) drugs are placed in the tank of the instrument. The packaging melts completely, the medicines dissolve. Then ARTISTE 240 SC is added to the tank. ARTISTE 240 SC can be used in admixture with many commonly used drugs. However, it is recommended to perform a physical miscibility test in case of hesitation, since the mixing status with all drugs is unknown.