Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
Pepper (Greenhouse) Cotton Leafworm Spodoptera littoralis 30 g / da, Larva 7 day
Tomato (greenhouse) Green wolf Heliothis armigera 30 g / 100 L.water, Larva 7 day
*vineyard Bunch of moths in vineyard Lobesia botrana 25 g / 100 L.water, Larva 7 day
Cotton Green Wolf Helicoverpa armigera 40 g/da, Larva 21 day
Eggplant (greenhouse) Cotton Leafworm Spodoptera littoralis 30 g/100 L water, Larva 7 day
Cucumber (greenhouse) Cotton leafworm (Spodoptera littoralis) 30 g/100 L waterLarva 7 day
Apple Apple Stuffed Wolf Cydia pomonella 40 g/100 l waterLarva 7 day


(Cut Clove)
Cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis 30 g/100 l water, Larva -

Green wolf

Helicoverpa armigera 30 g/100 l water, Larva

* It is not used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested.

PROPERTIES AND EFFECT OF THE DRUG: Emamectin benzoate is highly effective on leaf-fed Lepidoptera larvae and blocks nerve impulses. Thus, feeding the larvae stops immediately and they become paralyzed. Maximum larval deaths occur within four days. HYPNOSE 05 SG is a strong stomach poison and has a contact effect. It is also effective for pestroids with organic phosphorus and pests resistant to IGRs.

PREPARATION OF THE MEDICINE FOR APPLICATION: The required amount of drug is mixed with a small amount of water in a suitable container. Two-thirds of the water-filled mixer is added into the working spraying tank by mixing. The tank is then completed with water. Calibration is done first to calculate the amount of water to be used per decare. For this, a certain amount of water is put into the tank of the tool and it is calculated by running at a constant speed in the field conditions, how much area can be wetted with the existing water. From here, how much water will be spent per decare is calculated with the calibrated tool. The nozzles of the sprayer should be checked and cleaned.


Pepper (greenhouse), Eggplant (greenhouse) and Cucumber (greenhouse) Cotton Leafworm: Spraying should be done when 1–2 newly opened egg packs or 4–5 larvae are seen in 100 plants. Spraying should be done before the larvae spread on the leaf.

Tomato (Greenhouse) Yeşilkurt: Spraying should start immediately if 5 of 100 plants are dishes.

Vineyard Bunch Moth: The sprayings against the bunch moth are directed according to the forecast and warning system. The number of butterflies caught in the sexually attractive traps reaches the peak point and starts to fall, the afternoon temperatures in the first generation exceed 15 ° C for two consecutive days and the continuity, the sum of the effective temperatures is 120 gd (day degrees) in the 1st generation, 520 gd in the 2nd generation, 3 It is sprayed by following 1047 gd in the progeny, the grapevine is phenologically in the 1st progeny, the bud is in the 2nd prognosis, the beginning of the sweetening in the 3rd progeny and the first larvae exit from the eggs. One spraying is done in every decade. However, since ovulation can continue from the 3rd pound, spraying is continued by taking into account the duration of the drug and the harvest date as long as new eggs are found.

Green wolf in Cotton: Sampling begins in the period when the egg population starts to increase in the carding period of cotton. For sampling, a 50-decare cotton field is considered a unit and divided into three approximately equal parts. All plants with a 3 m row length selected randomly in each section are checked and the Green wolf eggs and their larvae are counted and the medicated struggle is decided when there is an average of 2 larvae with a row length of 3 m.

However, in this period, which is called the basic development period, the application should be decided against the first generation of the pest, taking into account the plant's ability to regenerate itself by creating new combs and the natural enemy situation. Spraying should not be done as long as the number of eggs laid increases. However, this period should not be long enough to allow Yeşilkurt larvae to grow too much. In order to achieve the best effect in the fight against medicines, the period when the newly hatched larvae are predominantly determined in each fertilization. Spraying should be done early in the morning or late in the evening, as the larvae feed on combs, flowers and cocoons during the day.

Carnation Cotton Leafworm: Fighting should be started when there are 5-6 larvae or 1 egg pack in a three meter long row. To get a good result from spraying, spraying 1-3. The period should be done against larvae. Sufficient results cannot be obtained from the sprayings made against the larvae in the later period.

Carnation in Yeşilkurt: If 5 of 100 plants are contaminated, the fight will be started immediately.

Elma İçkurdu: The first spraying of the first generation is done when the eggs begin to open. 20 days after the first spraying against the first generation, the second spraying and the second spraying against the second generation. Accordingly, a total of 3 applications are made, 2 against the first and 1 against the second.

Information About Spraying, Spraying Technique and Equipment:

Tractors, back pulverizers, motorized atomizers can be used in applications. Take care for a good coating in plants with dense green parts. Spraying should be avoided in cases where the green parts are wet during the hot hours of the day or when rain is expected immediately.

PLANT RECOVERY: When used according to the recommendations, it is well tolerated by the plants it is recommended for. In case of hesitation, sensitive and new plant tolerance should be checked.

MIXABLE CONDITION: HYPNOSE 05 SG can be mixed with many standard insecticides and fungicides. Physical miscibility tests should be done before making a large amount of mixture.