Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose Duration Between Spraying and Harvesting
cotton Green Wolf * Heliothis armigera 80 gr/da, larva 7 day
Tobacco (During the seedling period) Aphid Myzus Persicae

55 gr/da (nimf ve adult)

21 day

Trips Thrips tabaci
Green Wolf *
Heliothis armigera 80 gr/da, larva 14 day

* It is not used in the Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions.

LANTEN SP 90 is an insecticide used in water-soluble powder formulation against various pests of cotton, tobacco and soy. With LANTEN SP 90, spraying should be done at the recommended doses when the pests reach the level of economic damage. Do not use LANTEN SP 90 only for the purpose of agricultural production, used in the products listed below, in home gardens or for any other purpose.


Make sure the spraying tool is clean before preparing the medicine. Fill the sprayer tank with water up to ¼ or ½. Put LANTEN SP 90 in the spraying tank, mix well with mechanical and hydraulic mixers. Air mixers are not used. Use the prepared medicine immediately.

While the cotton plant is dehydrated, some flushing may occur after spraying LANTEN SP 90. In order to prevent redness, it is recommended not to do spraying while the cotton plant is withered. At low doses, LANTEN SP 90 does not cause any discoloration and can therefore be used many times throughout the season. LANTEN SP 90 can be used in cotton growth cycles, but more redness may occur due to the maturation of cotton at the end of the season. Always use in recommended doses. According to many trials in the world, the result of spraying at 7–15 day intervals does not reduce the redness crop. Laboratory and field trials have shown that LANTEN SP 90 Green Wolf eggs have an ovisite effect.

When insecticides with the same mechanism of action are used in the same place for many consecutive years, it can be seen that some types of pests have become resistant and dominated in that area. After all, with the recommended doses of drugs, it cannot provide sufficient effect against these pests. Alternative use of insecticides with another mechanism of action or mixing tanks with such drugs delays or prevents the pest from gaining resistance.

Cleaning the Disinfection Tools: Immediately after the disinfection, take all necessary protective measures and wash all parts of the disinfection device, including pump, hose and pipes, in the nozzles and strainers, with clean water. Do not contaminate wastewater into streams and lakes.

MIXABLE CONDITION: LANTEN SP 90 can be mixed with many pesticides, except for high acid and alkaline ones like lime, burgundy slurry. However, before making a large scale mixture, it is necessary to test whether the physical mixture is possible and the reliability of the mixture against the plant to be used with a small scale mixture. While preparing the mixture, LANTEN SP 90 should be placed in the spraying tank.