Plant Disease Harmful Weed Latin Name dose
Sugar beet Wire Wolves Agriotes spp

1500 ml/ 100 kg seed

millipedes Diplopoda
Bow Tails Collembola
Earth Flea Beetles Chaetocnema spp.
Egypt Wire Wolves Agriotes spp. 600 ml/100 kg seed
Potato Wire Wolves Agriotes spp. 35 ml/100 kg seed, larva
Potato Beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata 12,5 ml / 100 kg seed, adult-larva


Sugar Beet: Due to the sensitivity of sugar beet seeds to moisture and to make a sensitive spraying, the volume of the drug mixture to be applied in the seed processing and spraying factories, which have professional spraying schemes, depends on the equipment type, other substances entering the mixture and drying possibilities. Therefore, follow the instructions for available seed spraying equipment.

Corn: The recommended medicine for 100 kg of seeds is added to 1 liter of water and mixed thoroughly, adding half of the seed on the nylon spread on a flat surface, then the other half is added and mixed well again. The same process is valid for cascade and spray canisters. After spraying, the seeds are laid and aerated. It can be planted immediately after being dampened or stored until planting time. If it is stored as damp, its driving power decreases due to dampness.

Potatoes: Seed potatoes are spread on a flat surface. The recommended amount of medicine for 100 kg seed is added to the pulverizer by adding 1 - 1.5 liters of water in a bucket and mixed thoroughly. The prepared mixture is turned upside down by shoveling the potatoes first. Spraying is completed by spraying half of it. The point to be considered in the spraying is that the amount of water will wet the seed, but it will not flow. Just like the sowing will be done immediately after the spraying, the seeds can be waited for a few days after the moisture has dried. Rubber gloves should be worn during spraying, sacking and sewing.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It can be mixed with Protect Forte 80 WP and Tagiant.