Plant Name

Pest Name

Dose Of Use And PERIOD

DURATION Between Final Spraying and Harvest


Apple Stuffed Wolf(Cydia pomonella)

20 ml./100 L water Larva (5 sprayings with 20 days interval after egg opening)

7 day


Pear Leaf Flea(Cacopsylla pyri)

20 ml / 100 L water Nymph-adult(After the crown leaves fall, spraying is done in the 2nd and 3rd nymph periods.)

7 day


Tree Redworm (Coccus coccus)
Cherry Fly (Rhagoletis cerasi)

80 ml/100 L water

Genç larva

30 ml/100 L water, adult

7 day

7 day


White Fly (Bemisia tabaci)

Green Wolf (Heliothis armigera)

Bozkurt (Agrotis sp.)

30 ml / da Nimf-adult

30 ml / da Larva

40 ml / da Larva (In green component spraying, the drug is sprayed on the green limp and soil surface.)

7 day

7 day

7 day

Lentils, Chickpeas

Green Wolf (Heliothis viriplace)

30 ml/da Larva

7 day


Legume Seed Beetle (Bruchus spp.)

40 ml/da, larva

7 day


Green Wolf (Heliothis armigera)

40 ml/100 L water, Larva

7 day

Ornamental Plants

Narcissus Onion Flies

80 ml / 100 L water (in the Field Period)

7 day

Sugar beet

Beet Flea (Chaetocnema tibialis.)

20 ml/da

7 day


Leaf Blade

(Agonoscena succinata.)

25 ml./100 L water (first spraying is made when 20% of the leaves are contaminated)

7 day


Süne (Eurygaster sp.)

20 ml / da 1-3. period

4-5 at 30 ml / da. period

Nimf and the new generation Ergin

7 day

General Pests

locusts (Locusts )

40 ml/da

7 day


Corn Cobworm (Sesamia spp.)

Corn Wolf (Ostrinia nubilalis)

30 ml / da Larva (3 sprayings every 15 days)

30 ml / da Larva (3 sprayings every 15 days)

7 day

7 day


Bunch of Moths(Lobesia botrana)

20 ml./100 L water (The first spraying is done when butterfly activities begin or when larvae damage is seen.)

7 day

* It cannot be used in vineyards where harvest leaves will be harvested. It is inconvenient to use in the Aegean Region.

METHOD OF PREPARATION FOR THE APPLICATION: The recommended medicine is first mixed with a small amount of water in a separate container. Fill the tank of the tool with water halfway, pour the prepared medicine into it by running the mixer and top it up with water. Use the prepared medicine on the same day.

USAGE: As the emulsion concentrated drug is mixed with water immediately, it can be used with all kinds of tools. It is an effective drug by contact and stomach. To get a good result against lepidopter larvae, spraying should be done when the larvae are small (1st and 2nd semesters). To get a good result, the dose of the drug should be used in accordance with the recommendations. Spraying should be done in the cool hours of the day and in windless weather so that all the plants are well wetted.

For cherry fly: Spraying should be done in visual yellow sticky traps within a week after the first adult is caught.


Calibration is required in order to reduce the recommended dose to a decare and homogeneously. The tank of the sprayer is filled with clean water without medication. A certain area is wetted by going at a certain speed as if spraying. Then the wetted area and the spent water are measured and the required amount is calculated by the ratio of the drug to a decare, and it is prepared as described in the way of preparation of the drug for application and poured into the tank of the tool. Then, application is started with the same speed and gear.

MIXABLE CONDITION: KRAL 250 EC may be mixed with insecticides, fungicides and acaricides, except for drugs with strong alkali character. It is recommended to make a pre-mix experiment before making a large amount of mixture for spraying.